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Here are some of the words that I have been hearing frequently: “I felt very good after I prayed,” “I felt God’s presence that night,” “I felt that God was opening doors,” “I don’t feel God anymore in my life,” “I’m looking for Him but I can’t feel Him,” “The church here doesn’t feel like…. (Fill in the blank)” etc.  On the other hand, these are some of the words that I have not heard recently: “I’m seeking guidance,” “I’m praying for discernment,” and “What’s the wise thing to do?”  These two sets of words are not contradictory, but it’s interesting to see that one list is almost disappearing and the other list is becoming much more frequently used. If anything, this shows that we have been focusing a lot on our feelings in our relationship with God, rather than on a holistic view of who we are, as created by God. Man is created in the image and the likeness of God, carrying in him the image of the Logos, carrying in him wisdom and intelligence.  Man also has a soul and a body:  A so…