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After my first post titled “There is a place for our feelings,” a friend asked me to write a blog about spiritual guidance1 and the balance between direction and freedom. I believe there is a need to write about this topic and I do so with the hope that it will reach as many people as possible. This post should not be considered as a reference to spiritual guidance, for wonderful books and articles have already been written on the topic. I’m writing mainly about the balance needed in spiritual direction.

Iwill start with my own personal experience with my spiritual guide. God blessed me with a wonderful spiritual guide filled with wisdom, love and care. I have known him for quite a few years, and during this time, he has shown me what a true spiritual guide is like. I have come to consider our time together to be sacramental. In a sense our meetings have become a time when God bestows His grace on me. Out of his wisdom, he shares his experience through stories, patristic knowledge, sc…