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Hybrid Believers

I’m probably preaching to the choir in this blog. Growing up, I had friends from different Christian denominations and other religions, and I loved them and respected them. However, I have noticed that few of my Orthodox friends and their families attended their Orthodox churches; on the side, they attended non-denominational churches. This was strange to me; maybe it was coming from a sense of zeal for my Orthodox church. I may not have understood all the differences between the churches at the time, but in the end, I just felt uncomfortable about it. 

Since I became a priest, I have started to come across this mode of hybrid Orthodox lives more frequently. I see some families that come to attend the Sunday liturgy in the morning and a few hours later attend a non-denominational church. Others are committed to their non-denominational church and come to the Orthodox church to get married, baptize their children, attend the feasts, attend a few liturgies throughout the year, receive th…