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Expected visit: A collection of the writings of the early church fathers regarding the Lord's preaching in Hades.

In 2013, the news shocked us with a dark story about an Ohio man who kidnapped three women and held them captive for over 10 years, keeping them hidden from the outside world. These women were abused, beaten and sometimes tortured. They all lived in the same house in a working class neighborhood and no one suspected anything was wrong for those 10 years. Their ordeal ended when one of the women managed to escape with her daughter, immediately reporting her captor to the police, who invaded the house and saved the other two women. Let’s for a moment imagine the condition of the other two women before the police came, knowing that one of them had fled. Expecting the arrival of the police and the end of their misery, their hearts would beat with joy, fear and expectation. But let’s now imagine that for whatever reason there was a delay in the police’s arrival. What do you think the condition would be of the women who were still captive? They are waiting more anxiously than ever—their res…