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I want to be a Billionaire: Life of moderation and laying up our treasure in heaven

Bruno Mars sings an interesting and catchy song called “Billionaire”, where he expresses his very deep wish of being a billionaire saying, “I want to be a billionaire so freaking bad.” Bruno sings that he wants to have things he never had before, and he also wants to make the world a better place by adopting babies, providing aid to world’s disaster areas, etc. The desire to be rich to do charitable work is a bit unusual to Christians. From history and the stories of the ascetic fathers, those who were rich sold what they had, gave to the poor and went to the desert. Those who were not rich, went to the desert and created small handiwork, sold it and gave to the poor. One concern with this song is the deep desire to be very rich because the scriptures warn us, “those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare…” (NKJV, 1 Tim 6:8).
Looking into this week’s gospel, we are called not to lay up treasures on earth but in heaven (Mat 6:19-33). There is almost a small gate which we…

Secrecy in Righteousness: Lent Preparation Week Gospel Reading (Mat 6:1-18)

Looking into preparation week’s gospel, we find a manner of secrecy. Mat 6:1 NKJV reads; “Take heed that you do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them.”, while a more proper translation, from the Greek, should read; “Take heed that you do not do your righteous deeds (acts of righteousness) before men, to be seen by them.” Mat 6:1 is more of a general statement not only connected to the alms giving but made by the Lord as an introduction to the whole chapter. The point here is to tell us that all our righteous actions should be done in secret, this includes; alms giving, prayers, fasting, serving, prostration, hospital visitations, etc.

Give alms in secrecy, pray in your secret place, and fast in a secret way. Every aspect of ourworship should be done in secret. Each intimate conversation the Lord had, with someone in the gospels, was also made in secret. His conversation with Nicodemus was, at night, solely, His conversation with the Samaritan woman was private, wi…

Gushing love for God: A reminder of the most important commandment

I’m very hesitant to approach the topic of “The love for God.” It is probably somewhat audacious to write this blog post after many church fathers have already written extensively on the topic, reflecting on their experience and that of others. However, I’m writing because I believe that this generation has moved far away from loving God, and occasionally we need to be reminded of it. In the midst of a congested and complicated theological environment we tend to forget the basic elements and the purpose of our presence. We speak about very lofty theological debates that are sometimes empty of true Christian living. Our love for the world has distracted us from Him whom we ought to love the most. We have come to love things more than people, and we love people more than God. We forget that it’s in loving God that we come to be true humans, and that in this love we are restored.
We, as Christians, want to love God. We hear about those who love Him and we want to experience this relation…