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Do you have your baptism certificate? Lent Series, A Short Contemplation on the Born Blind Man.

After our baptism, we get a certificate as a record for this beautiful and important day of our lives in which we joined the body of Christ. Sometimes, we need this baptism certificate as a document for marriage, service in a different or distant parish and just as a simple proof of our belonging to the Coptic Orthodox Church. The man in the Gospel of John Chapter 9 shows us a very distinctive baptism certificate.

Christ healed this born blind person by making clay, setting it on his eyes and asking him to go and wash in a pond. The church marks this miracle as a type of baptism because he was enlightened, confessing the Man who healed him. Having no physical baptism certificate, this fellow manifested an evidence of his faith in the wonder Worker who healed him. He brought a living proof of his faith in three ways:  First, his witness to the miracle of his life and to the Healer who opened his eyes. Immediately after receiving his sight, he faced the grueling society, demanding questio…