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An opinion on natural disasters - Part 1

This blog was published in a newsletter a few weeks ago while hurricane Maria category-5 was closing on the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Then a powerful earthquake shook Mexico City killing at least 225 people, and now wildfires are raging in Northern California. As you read this I ask you to be assured of the love of God, His wisdom, and His redeeming power which surpasses our time and lead us into eternity.
Once hurricane season starts, an earthquake shakes, a tsunami strikes, a tornado hits, a wildfire starts or any natural disaster takes place, immediately God is put on trial. Why does He allow it? Is He in control? If He is in control, why didn’t He stop it? Could there have been another method to speak to us? Before we answer any of these questions, let’s first correct few things. We describe these events as “natural”, yet we blame God for them, we name them “disasters”, while they are good for our souls. Below is the answer to some of these questions by St. John Chrysostom.