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An opinion on natural disasters - Part 2

The last blog covered an opinion on natural disasters solely by St. John Chrysostom. This post covers the final section of this series. Let’s continue finding answers to many of our questions regarding these natural events.
Why, then, does the bible call these calamities evil, as in Amos 3:6 & Isaiah 45:7? St. John Chrysostom says:
“He calls them by the name of evil the affliction, which arises from our punishment; thus naming it not in regard to its own nature, but according to that view which men take of it. For since we are accustomed to calling by the name of evil, not only thefts and adulteries but also calamities; so he has called the matter, according to the estimate of mankind.”
To help us understand his point of view, St. John gives us a very practical example:

"For the physician is not only to be commended when he leads forth the patient into gardens and meadows, nor even into baths and pools of water, nor yet when he sets before him a well-furnished table, but when he…