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The Departure of My Previous Father of Confession

Father Makary Abd-Allah, Ph.D., the only Coptic priest who taught at a university as a priest, departed in the hope of resurrection.

As a young man, Adeeb Abd-Allah was the model of a Christian young man who was successful in his spiritual life as well as his secular life.

He joined the School of Science, Department of Mathematics, Cairo University. As the top of his class, he was hired as a teacher assistant. He then traveled to Germany to earn a Ph.D. from the University of Gottingen in mathematics in the subject of several complex variables in 1962.
He was hired by Cairo University as a professor in 1962.
He then earned a national award in mathematics in 1968 and the Highest Achievement Science Medal in 1970.

He had a close relationship with Pope Kirollos VI, who approached him to ordain him as a priest.

He turned in his resignation to the university, which was rejected because of his rare mathematics specialty. He explained to the school that he would be ordained as a priest, hopin…