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A Series On the Perception of the Church: The Convenient Church (Part III)

In the last two issues, the church was presented as the Pillar of Truth. The church ought to speak the truth in love without discrimination, prejudice, political correctness, or compromise. This spoken truth might cause some to be uncomfortable or annoyed or to even leave the church in search of a more convenient church. It has been noticed that the request for a more convenient church has been getting more and more popular. Statementslike “I don’t find myself in this church anymore,” “The priest is great, but I don’t have anyone in my age group,” “The church demographics have changed,” “It’s all different people now!”, “The pastor at the other church speaks to me,” “Their main service is on Saturday night, and that leaves me Sunday with the family,” and “I go to the church near my house now; after all, we worship the same Jesus!” are only part of a short list of reasons for searching for a convenient church. No one denies that these issues are important; nonetheless, when these are t…